St Botolph's Church Knottingley

Parochial Fees Operative from 1st January to 31st December 2018


Reading of Banns:

Reading & Certificate ie Marriage in another church


 Marriage Service after Banns + certificate

  no video video
  £666:00 £701:00
if not being married by Banns, refer to Vicar  
Service Sheets £30:00 per 100 copies
Flowers £45:00  
Bells £140:00 for six
  £180:00 for eight
  £220:00 for ten
Additional Copies of Marriage Certificate
On the day £4:00
Later date £10:00

Blessing & Renewal of Marriage Vows:

  no video video
                                                      £222:00 £257:00

Funeral Service

in Church £424:00  
in Crematorium                             £200:00              
Burial of Ashes in Churchyard £163:00  
Burial of Ashes in cemetary £46:00